Despite the weather, the conference will go on. Bear with us if we have to make any changes, but we'll do our best to keep you updated.

The authoritative schedule is here on the website, and we will try to keep it current with any changes. 

We hope to have registration open by 9AM. There will be 3 lines:
1. VIPs: Speakers and $11+ donors: We have a flashy badge, t-shirt, and bag with your name on it.
2. $10 participants: There are about 200 of you who donated $10. We have almost enough bags, t-shirts and flashy badges waiting for all of you, but they will be first-come first-served. 
3. Cheapskates and unregistered walk-ins: We have 250 bare circuit board badges and lanyards for you and don't think we'll run out.

Thanks for being a part of BSides PDX. We look forward to seeing you, and hope you enjoy the talks, workshops, contests, activities, and the quiz show after the talks at 6PM Friday!

BSides PDX is a gathering of the most interesting infosec minds in Portland and the Pacific Northwest! Our passion about all things security has driven attendance from other parts of the country. Our goal is to provide an open environment for the InfoSec community to engage in conversations, learn from each other and promote knowledge sharing and collaboration. The Portland and greater Northwest information security community spans a broad spectrum of participation from CISOs, Fortune 100 company security experts, small business system admins, to independent security researchers.

To get involved, join the BSidesPDX mailing list :!forum/bsidespdx