Internet Of Hats [ALPHA]
Pirates, Ninjas, Lasers.  Want to learn more?  Show up.  The laser hats will only be available to attendees who have donated 50 dollars or more, and a handful will be available for sale on site.  For a sneak peak, check out the github at

Swag Hacking Competition
Due to overwhelming response from last year, the Swag Hacking Competition will once again be a thing.  Bring your own flashing lights, or use ours, and prizes will be awarded to the attendee with the most awesome badge/hat/shirt etc at the end of the conference.

802.11 Dead Drop Treasure Hunt
After the talks on Friday night there will be a series of WiFi Dead Drops full of hints and puzzles, spread along public transit lines that will lead you to the after-party, where solutions can be exchanged for prizes.