Friday, October 3rd at OMSI:

   Auditorium  N. Classroom
 800-845  Registration
 Welcome / Opening Remarks
 900-950  Jack Daniel - The History of Infosec  
 1000-1020  Daniel Reichert - PGP For The Web  Lockpick Village opens
 1030-1050  Jeff Bryner - MozDef: The Mozilla Defense Platform  
 1100-1150  Maggie Jauregui - Girl... Fault Interrupted
 1200-1250  Lunch!  
 1300-1350  Jeremy Brown - Microsoft Vulnerability Research: How to be a Finder as a Vendor  
 1400-1450  Joe Grand - Deconstructing the Circuit Board Sandwich  
 1500-1550  Joe Fitz - NSA Playset: PCIe  
 1600-1650  Jeff Forristal - (Mis)Managing Mobile Trust  Lockpick Village closes
 1700-1750  Closing Ceremonies
 1900-late  After Party somewhere new and awesome?!?

Saturday, October 4th at Ambridge Event Center:

NOTE : Space is very limited for the Saturday events.
Make sure to sign up on the signup sheet on Friday.

   Workshops  Seminars
 1000-1150 Joe Fitz - WTFpga
 Infosec Speed Dating
 1200-1250  Lunch!
 1300-1350  Software Defined Radio Playground
 Isaac Potoczny-Jones - 
  Defeating Man In The Browser Attacks
 1400-1450  Tristan Ravitch -
  What does it take to trust an Android?
 1500-1550  Kenny McElroy -
   Advanced Lockpicking Techniques
 Garrett Gee and Peter Kim -
  Doppelganger Domains
 1600-1650  Micky Shkatov and Jessie -
  USB for all!